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The CD Alma is the first recording project with pianist Sonia Sifres whose performance career began in 2013. This recording project includes works by Robert and Camillo Schumann, adapted for each of the saxophones in the quartet.

Alma came about due to the union of two personal circumstances. The first of these was my curiosity to investigate the essence and depth of the sound, a route that helped me to explore and feel the emotions transmitted when I play my instrument.  I attempted to express my own interior voice via the 4 main saxophones in the family, including the stage repertoire of the duet with piano of the composers Robert and Camilio Schumann. The music of both of these composers has made a great impression on me, and I believe that it is the best way to transmit my own expressions.

The second factor, which was the most important when beginning the project, is a bit more complex and emotional. In this work, I never attempt to show off my skills or strengths with the instrument. Alma does not represent an exhibition, and this brings me great tranquillity. Alma is a personal sample of what I feel when I play music, conceived as a well-deserved gift for those who introduced me to this industry: my family. Do not listen to Alma with the ears of a saxophonist, nor with any historiographic intentions. I recommend listening to the recording with the heart, and attempting to understand that the aim is to show my loved ones, my family, what I feel when I play music. Alma is love and gratitude for the effort, time and dedication that my family have sacrificed for me, allowing me to get to where I am today.

“David treasures in his interpretations very good musical taste and great sound wealth.”

David Pons



Simply bravo! A quality CD, with all the details taken care of to the maximum. Very risky music played with great taste and in a fresh, natural and elegant way, especially with the soprano. Bravo, really. (Antonio García Jorge. Saxophonist)

Antonio García Jorge

Congratulations! A very delicate and refined saxophone treatment. The repertoire is grateful and the romantic style suits you very well. Great at acting. It transmits a lot of finesse in the treatment of the instrument. (Antonio Pelló Gregori. Saxophonist)

Antonio Pelló Gregori

I am going to paraphrase one of the great saxophonists in the history of our instrument, whose reflection I have had as a kind of dogma since I heard it. This is George Gourdety and he said: “playing the saxophone well is not having a vain domain and virtuous handling, but putting this at the service of interpretation. In other words, playing a certain style of music well”. And from my humble opinion is what you do on the album. Congratulations! (Miguel Garrido Aldomar. Saxophonist)

Miguel Garrido Aldomar

My congratulations for this beautiful work and for the beautiful accomplishment. Adagio and Allegro and your interpretation with the baritone come to my soul. I really like the way you approach bass saxophones. The loudness of the tenor, in particular, is very natural.

(Claude Delangle. Saxophone Teacher at Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris)

Claude Delangle

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